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Cremation for Pets

The loss of a pet can be just as hard as any other bereavement. Your pet is not just an animal; he or she is an intelligent, loving creature who has become an irreplaceable addition to your family. They have shared so much of your life and changed it in ways you could never imagine. That is why people understandably look for ways to memorialize their pet after they are gone. Thankfully, there are now companies that provide these services, giving your beloved companion the respect they deserve.

Pet Cremation

Cremation of pets is very similar to that of people. The remains of the pet are heated to a high temperature which reduces the organic matter into ashes. The ashes are then returned to the owner.  Usually, your vet or a local animal shelter can assist you with making the arrangements and putting you into contact with companies that specialize in this.  

There are some aspects which can differ with a pet cremation, so when you are choosing which cremation service to use, ensure you do research and ask questions in order to receive the type of that best suits you. Pet cremations may be private or communal. Private cremations are more expensive, but it means your beloved friend will be cremated separately from others. The crematorium may also offer the option to view the cremation if you wish. Communal cremation involves cremating several animals at the same time, so chances are the ashes you receive will be mixed with others animals that were in the chamber.

Ideas for Pet’s Ashes

There are many different options when it comes to preserving the ashes of your cherished pet. You may wish to scatter the remains at a place your treasured friend enjoyed to walk for example. You may prefer to keep their remains in a specially-made urn so you can keep them at home with you. There are a wealth of styles and types of urns available, so you can find one which suits the personality of your treasured pet. Alternatively, you could bury the ashes and mark them with a memorial stone, leaving you with a place to return to when needed.

Another unique choice is to have some of the ashes made into memorial jewelry. In this process, a small amount of the ashes or a clipping of their coat is artistically worked with glass to create a pendant or bead. The color of the glass will be that of your precious pet’s coat. You are able to then choose what type of jewelry the glass will be included in, and to further personalize it you may choose to have it engraved. The appeal of this option is that you can keep your much-loved pet with you at all times, a reminder to have close may help in those moments you miss them the most.