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Creative Ways for Preserving Wedding Bouquets

Wedding planning is one of the most exciting things in a woman’ life! When you plan your special day, you get to celebrate the new life with your loved one in a totally unique way. From the flowers you choose to finding the perfect dress, the way you design your wedding is 100% unique to you. Your wedding day should reflect the life you want to build with your partner.

Once the day is over, many brides want to keep the mementos from the ceremony. You put a lot of work into this, right? Your wedding bouquet or wedding flowers can actually be turned into a variety of decorative keepsakes if you preserve them. These are some creative ways to preserve your wedding bouquet or wedding flowers:

DIY Flower Preservation.You can preserve any kind of flower with a homemade flower press or by using a flower preservative like silica gel. You can make a flower press with two flat pieces of plywood, cardboard, and a few other tools. However, pressing flowers yourself can take a long time, and you often lose the color of the petals. Putting your flowers in a silica gel solution will remove excess moisture from the petals while retaining the color.

Victorian Pressed Flowers. Pressed flowers can be turned into beautiful pieces of art. Victorian-style pressed flowers are arranged into different artistic designs, and professionally framed. They look very much like elegant oil paintings. You can include photos from your wedding day into the design to make a beautiful wedding memento.

Freeze Dried Flowers. You can do so much with freeze dried flowers! Because they retain their shape (unlike flower pressing), you can use them in shadow boxes, glass boxes, ornaments, and tabletop domes. You can freeze dry at home using silica gel, but it takes a little more work than just drying or pressing them. However, freeze-friend flowers work wonderfully for arrangements and wedding keepsake crafts.

Monogram Flowers. You can turn pressed flowers into a monogram for your wedding keepsake. Once the flower are dried and pressed, you can design them into a monogram. These are popular for married couples who want to use their combined initials or the initial of their last name. You can also use flowers from the ceremony or reception to create monograms as gifts to family and friends.

Flower Petal Jewelry. By far the most unique way to preserve your wedding bouquet is to use some of the petals to create custom jewelry. My Flowers Forever - Bellabeads is one of the few companies that can create custom jewelry from your flower petals, and we are the only one that creates custom, handmade beads from the petals themselves. You can choose from pendants, bracelet, ring and earring designs. Just save a few of your petals and send them to us with your design ideas and special instructions.

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