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Celebrating Life with Memorial Jewelry

Memorial Jewelry is one of the most unique methods in which to preserve a single moment in time. It is something tangible, something real tosee andfeelthat you and your loved ones can hold onto for long into the future.  Each morning when you place that bracelet around your wrist or fasten your necklace around your neck, you will have a delicate memento that may evoke one of the most important days of your life, or remind you of someone who is still incredibly important to you and made you who you are.  

Memorial jewelry is exactly as is appears; jewelry that is defined and constructed by a memory. If you think back to all the important moments in a person’s life, wouldn’t it be wonderful to encapsulate each of them into a different piece of jewelry? Memories can fade, but jewelry is something that truly stands the test of time.

When making memorial jewelry, flower petals or ashes of loved ones can be delicately preserved and worked into a  design of your choosing – making it the perfect way to celebrate some of the most important times for your or your families’ and friend’s lives.

Think about it like this: on your wedding day you have lovingly selected the flowers for your bouquet; they are the palate of color that you have chosen to match the dresses of your bridesmaids – and really your wedding as a whole. But it is not just the aesthetic. These colored petals are so much more; theydefine that day, and all it entails. The perfect way to celebrate this is to have something that you can look at every day to remind you. You can even preserve and use the flowers from your bridesmaids and flower girls – a wonderful way in which to thank the special people who made your day so superb.

The list of moments you are now able to tastefully preserve forever are endless:

  1. Birthdays
  2. Graduation
  3. Reunions with  a partner/loved one
  4. Weddings (bride/bridesmaid presents/mother of the bride presents)
  5. Honeymoons
  6. Anniversaries
  7. Birth of a child
  8. Christening
  9. Holy Communion
  10. Bar/Bat Mitzvah   
  11. Memorials
  12. Funerals
  13. Pets
  14. Flowers from important gardens/areas personal to you/vacations

In short, memorial jewelry can create a narrative of all the important events that span someone’s life; whether you gift it to yourself or to others. Luckily with modern technology, even flowers you have saved from long ago can be used. A truly unique way to celebrate – lots of people give jewelry, this goes that extra mile for the ones you love.