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Can You Use Old or Dried Flowers to Make Jewelry?

Here at Flowers Forever we pride ourselves on preserving memories that will last forever. This being said, one of the most common questions we field is, “Can you use old or dried flowers to make jewelry?” Lucky for you, the answer is a resounding yes. All we ask is that you include the original color of the flower before being dried as well and then you’re on your way.

 Now that that’s no longer an issue, you will be able to focus your attention on what type of jewelry you would like. Here at Flowers Forever we offer a number of different types of designs and options. Whether you choose to go with a pendant necklace that will dangle close to your heart for years to come, or a bracelet that you can don regularly and see as a visual reminder of all of the wonderful memories you associate with your piece of jewelry, there are endless options.


Should you choose to forgo the options that we have already created for you, you can also choose to design your own piece of jewelry. This will add an even more personalized essence to your piece of jewelry. With dried flowers they often hold a great deal of personal value and meaning behind them and by affording you the option of designing your own piece of jewelry on top of the already personalized value your flowers will give it, the piece will be one that you can treasure forever.

 Flowers Forever hopes to offer you a unique way of creating a piece of jewelry that will stand the test of time. With such personalized designs you’ll be able to hold this piece of artwork close to your heart without worrying about whether or not it is a true representation of what you desired. With such free reign to personalize it, you’re sure to receive something you’ll love.

 If you would like to begin the process of ordering your piece of keepsake jewelry with the infusion of your dried flowers today, please feel free to visit us at for more information.