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What our pets do for us

Loss of our furry friends

There is no proper way to cope after the loss of a pet. Our pets seem to become everything we need in our lives the moment they look up at us. They can save us, help us heal from something we have been struggling through.  They become our own personal comedians and make us laugh.  They can transform into our therapists, our greeters, they can encourage us and ultimately, they become our best friend. 
There are no check lists that can help you heal after you lose your furry little best bud. As the tennis balls collect dust; the memories they made while they were with us fill our hearts and our minds.  
We want to help you create something that embodies their beautiful spirit and endless happiness. We can make a custom piece of jewelry inspired by their spunky life that you will be able to keep and cherish forever.  Using hair, fur and/or ashes, we create unique pieces of jewelry that will last a lifetime.  Our hearts are with you in this time of healing. 
Lose of a pet
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