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How I Transitioned From Flower Preservation to Flower Petal Jewelry

When I first started this business, in 1994, it was a wonderful way for me to express my passion for flowers and art. At that time, I was exclusively preserving floral bouquets, either pressed or freeze-dried, and mostly for young brides. The satisfaction I got from seeing the finished product of my work was nothing compared to the pride I felt each time a bride would come to pick up her piece. Knowing that I was able to capture a special moment in time, forever, especially from something like a bouquet of flowers that has such a short shelf-life, was a wonderful feeling.

I spent years perfecting my techniques and garnered a reputation as the “go to” flower preservation specialist, but I decided I wanted to do more. I knew there was more to flower preservation than just bridal bouquets. I would occasionally get flowers from other special occasions, but I was still preserving them to hang on the wall in someone’s home, or perhaps sit on a coffee table. I wanted to create something more personal, something people could connect with every single day.

About this time I started researching the techniques of creating one of a kind jewelry from flower petals. The process is completely different and gave me a new medium where I began channeling my creative juices. This new line of work also opened up my business to a wider audience. Suddenly, I was being approached not only by brides who wanted to savor the moments of their big day, but by mothers wanting to memorialize flowers from their daughter’s Sweet 16th Birthday, or daughters who wanted to memorialize flowers given during the passing of their father. Suddenly, I was creating unique pieces that were memorializing the milestones moments in peoples’ lives. Every piece has a story. Every piece brings joy, maybe even a lasting connection to its owner.

I have always been passionate about my work, and will likely continue to expand and try new methods. But for now, I feel like designing and creating custom jewelry from peoples’ saved flower petals and cremation ashes is truly a privilege. Having people trust you with life’s most precious moments and memories is not something I take lightly. I would be honored to help you create a unique, lasting memorial piece for yourself or a loved one.