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6 Modern Wedding Ideas

1. Minimalist Decor

Well this is awesome news! It is rare that you will hear about a wedding trend that will save you money so take this one into consideration. Modern brides are more often choosing to opt out of using giant centerpieces in lieu of a more delicate look. Clean and crisp table linens with simple greenery and white candles seem to be the look more couples are going for today. Or your can take it one step further and just have a Micro Wedding in general. 

2. Plain Invitations

Gone are the days of heavy cardstock and 15 different inserts that cost $4 each to ship; thank heavens. The new go-to look is something like this: simple font, clean lines and more often than not, good old black-and-white. This is wonderful news for trees, your mailman, and your pocketbook.

3. A Simple and Chic Gown

No more princess-looking ball gowns for the modern bride of 2017. The look in fashion for the modern bride is...yep, you guessed it, simple. Not a lot of lace or embellishments. Crisp, matte fabrics in chic, body-hugging silhouettes.

4. An Industrial/Loft Style Venue

This trend goes along with the rest of the “simple” trend of the twenty-teens. Brides and grooms are aiming to make their venues and weddings look elegant but also have that “I didn’t try too hard” look to them. Over-the- top puffy dresses, sparkly decor and fancy lighting have been pushed to the side for exposed brick, delicate florals and greenery and soft lighting. These more modern venues are not only gorgeous but really a blank slate for any bride to make her own.

5. Opt for a Non-Traditional “Guest Book”

Many couples are starting to steer toward a guest book that is out of the norm. You will already have a bunch of cards with good wishes written in them so why not find a more memorable way for your guests to leave their mark? A popular trend (replacing the photo booth) is the polaroid photo, or the more popularly known Instax mini 8. Many couples are having guests take a photo of themselves and hang it on tiny clothes lines or old shutters. Other couples may opt for “advice messages” to be left in a jar or notes for them to read on their first anniversary. Some have their guests sign a large canvas print of their engagement photo. The possibilities are endless, let your creative flag fly!

6. Have a Hashtag!

Having a hashtag is THE best way to gather all of the many memorable moments from your big day in one place. Be sure to pick something creative, easy to remember (and spell) and make sure people are aware of it! Creating a small sign near the check in, or even a few other places like the bathroom mirror can help ensure that people remember to post and tag all those hilarious and beautiful moments. It is a great way to see your special day through the eyes of your guests and to reminisce on all the fun you had.