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5 Wedding Flower and Bouquet Ideas

1. Use Your Bouquet as Your “Something Blue”

You have the fun choice of not having to match anyone else and this doesn’t have to just mean your dress but your flowers too. Even if your color theme doesn’t include blue you can still choose a bouquet that is either a lush, bright shade of blue or has blue details in it. It will wow and surprise your guests and be stunning in photos.

2. Know Your Shapes

Not one size fits all and this includes your wedding bouquet. While the most popular shape is Round, be sure to do your research and see if another shape or look is more your style. Try searches like “Cascade bouquet, Posy bouquet, or Pomander bouquet.” You might be surprised how many other options are out there for you.

3. Go Natural

If you aren’t the hearts and flowers kind of girl, have no fear! There are a lot of natural, greenery options that evoke more of an earthy vibe rather than a princess one. Sage, eucalyptus, succulents and ferns are all really popular options. If you want a few flowers, try a simple posy or white roses. Greenery is also a beautiful option for your tablescape. It isn’t overly fragrant while your guests are eating and it goes with almost any color theme you might already be using.

4. Romantic

If you are on the girly side, your bouquet is a great place to showcase that without being tacky (as it might be in your decor). Peonies, roses, and hydrangeas are all extremely fragrant as well as soft and feminine. Not only are these classic flowers but they are a great way to decorate your ceremony space and provide and soft and lovely scent that will surely make your vows memorable. Add some white candles around the space for an extra romantic and intimate feel.

5. Go Big 

Large, cascading bouquets are on trend for this year. These luscious florals are great for a few reasons. They really create that “wow factor” when your guests first see you, they look lovely in pictures and can be used as part of your table decor when you arrive at your reception. Keep in mind that most florists will provide you with a small tossing bouquet if needed. And don’t worry about the flowers covering your gorgeous dress, let it be a statement piece. Everyone will see your dress at the party!