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5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Bridal Bouquet

1. Know What You Want...but be realistic

It is definitely a good plan to have at least an idea of what you want (pictures are great) when you go to meet with your florist. That being said, try to have more than one idea in case what you have planned isn’t in season or is not easily or affordably accessible in your area. A good florist will do their best to give you the bouquet of your dreams for your special day but remember that they are not miracle workers. Getting peonies in the fall in New York isn’t really reasonable, affordable or realistic for either of you. Having a few different pictures and ideas in mind will help keep you, your florist and your budget on track.

2. Keep An Open Mind

Keeping with the theme of #1, understand that there are a TON of different floral options available to you. IF your florist is not able to give you the original bouquet of your dreams, they might be able to give you an even better one. Keep an open mind to try other similar options that are more seasonally appropriate. You might be surprised that you like something better. It’s similar to buying clothes, it is better to try something (in this case look, smell, feel something) on for yourself rather than look at it in a picture.

3. You Don’t Always Have to Match

Just because your theme is one color or set of colors doesn’t necessarily mean your bouquet has to be. Your flowers are definitely a part of your outfit that is allowed to be a statement piece.

4. Make It Your Own

Your florist will be more than happy to help you add a personal touch to your bouquet that makes it feel even more special to you. For example, adding a family heirloom like your grandmother’s pearls to the ribbon on the stems, maybe your father’s military dog tags. There are many creative ways to tie in things that matter to you and what better way than in the flowers you carry down the aisle?

5. Trust Your Florist

They are the experts for a reason, be sure to use them! Don’t like anything too fragrant? They can suggest something a little less pungent so you’re not sneezing your way down the aisle. Or if your wedding is outdoors on a hot summer day, be sure to tell them so they can suggest a bouquet that will hold up best in the heat without wilting. They can also suggest the best care instructions for during the wedding and after to ensure not only that your flowers last but that you can get them preserved afterward if you so choose. Be sure to ask any and all questions you may have, that’s what they are there for!