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5 Reasons You Should Renew Your Vows

1. Celebrating an Anniversary

What better way to celebrate a landmark anniversary like ten or 20 years than a vow renewal? Not only is it an achievement in today’s society but you allowing guests who couldn’t be at your first wedding to celebrate your day with you. Like your children! What a special thing to share with your kids. The beauty of your and your partner’s love for each other after all these years is indeed worth celebrating and sharing with the next generation.

2. You Eloped

You might have tried to “get off easy” by sneaking away and tying the knot or simply going to the courthouse. It might be a good option to renew your vows in front of all those people who care about you who were unable to be there the first time around. And it will probably make your parents happy too.


3. You Didn’t Have a Wedding

Maybe due to circumstances such as finances, family hardship, or work commitments you were unable to have a wedding. That doesn’t mean you don’t deserve one. Weddings are a special memory that every life long couple should be able to share.


Does there really have to be a better reason than for fun? Realistically though, maybe you had a baby on the way your first time around and were unable to drink, or felt really uncomfortable. You are more than entitled to have a little more fun this time around as well as find a more flattering dress!

5. You’ve Weathered a Storm

Maybe one of you has just beat cancer or another trial in your life. A vow renewal is a lovely way to recommit yourselves to each other. You’ve already shown each other that you can make it through “good times and bad, in sickness and in health” but it could be really cathartic to reenact that actual moment you promised to do so. A beautiful reason for sure.