5 Ideas for a Fun Wedding Reception

1. Make It Personal

At some point along this wedding planning journey you’ve probably heard the term “cookie cutter.” It essentially means the same as everyone else, which most brides don’t seem to want. There are easy, small ways to make your day unique and special without emptying your pocketbook. One great idea, instead of using table numbers, try names of things or places that are important to you and your fiance. Table 1 could be called “Lilies” in honor of your favorite flower (and maybe your bouquet) and table 2 could be called “Dave Matthews Band” for your first date. This is fun because not only is it personal but it gives you something to chat with your guests about during that table to table greeting. Much less stuffy than “Thanks for coming! How’s the steak?” Awkward.

2. Know your Audience

We’ve all been to at least one of those weddings where you thought the music was lame, barely anyone was dancing and you just couldn’t wait to leave. Obviously, no one wants this and it’s safe to assume that the brides and grooms in these situations may have done one and/or two of these things: A) Catered to their own musical interests and B) Not done enough research on their entertainment choices. So in searching for your DJ and/or band make sure to go see them first or at the very least ask for personal testimonies or videos from weddings he/she/ have worked. Also try to consider your guests and their likes/dislikes. For example, you may love country music but if everyone else loves top 40 music you might be pretty lonely line dancing by yourself. No one likes an empty dance floor!

3. Don’t Stick to the Typical

It’s easy to be lured in by a venue that “does it all” for you but beware, there is usually a hefty price tag that goes along with that convenience. If cost is not an issue for you, by all means, do what works best for you. If you’re like the majority of Americans and have a budget, consider a venue out of the norm.

A friend of Christina's actually chose a decommissioned Naval ship in their hometown. Not only was it MUCH more affordable than other venues but it was unique, and a beautiful staple of their hometown.

Obviously, not every city has a huge ship hanging out in the middle of its bay but consider something that speaks to you and your relationship, maybe you or your partner’s childhood or something that honors a parent or loved one. You might be surprised at how many other places in your area would be happy to host a wedding even if that’s not their typical business.  Unique venues may or may not have their own catering. Also make sure that no matter where you choose, it makes you happy.

4. Invite Fun People

I mean, this one seems obvious but needs to be said. There are going to be a lot of people (i.e. distant relatives whose names you can’t remember and your parents’ coworkers) that you will be “obligated” to invite, but don’t forget to invite who YOU really want to invite. Remember those nights you don’t remember? Your friends who’ve already given you priceless memories will surely not disappoint in the fun department, especially not on your big day!


5. YOU Need to be Having Fun Too!

It’s all good and well to find the perfect venue, choose the right entertainment, and invite fun people but you need to be enjoying yourself too. “You Vibe with Your Tribe” so if you’re walking around stressed out and miserable, it will mostly make everyone around you feel awkward. So relax, have fun! People say “don’t sweat the small stuff” for a reason. Have you ever gone to a wedding and thought “wow these napkins don’t match the table runner…” Of course not! Now go enjoy your wedding planning!