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4 Ideas for Bridesmaids Gifts

1. Something to Save Them Money

It is definitely not the easiest to cater to one woman’s needs let alone a handful but if you can’t avoid asking your party to wear an item the majority is not fond of then it might be a good idea to just add that piece to their gift. For example, if you are insistent on your girls wearing purple earrings that they may likely only wear once, it might be polite to buy the earrings for them. If you planning on giving a single gift and that said gift is intended to be worn on your wedding day, try to make sure you pick something that they can use again.

2. Make It Personal

Try to pick something that is unique and thoughtful to each individual girl. If you have a girl that loves to workout, maybe some nice headphones, a high-quality water bottle or a monogrammed gym bag. A girl who loves her dog/cat? There are lots of cute matching bracelet/collar combos that are a quick online search away. Your wedding party has likely spent a lot of time, money and energy on you and your special day, picking gifts out individually that makes each girl feel special and thought of is a great way to say thank you.

3. Try an Outing

Don’t limit your gift giving options to physical items alone. Being able to enjoy an experience with your friends is a great alternative to physical objects. If all of you love the same sports team or band, try calling the box office and getting group seating for an event together. The gift of tickets can be a fun way to either relax before the big day or keep the fun going after. Either way, it will surely be unexpected and memorable.

4. Don’t Overthink It

There are your closest friends and family, you know them better than anyone and vice versa. Let your gift reflect that bond and don’t go overboard. Your wedding is the beginning of your life with your best friend, definitely not the time to go into debt buying gifts. They will love you either way.