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4 Great Color Combinations for Weddings

1. Lavender and Green

This dusty hue of purple along with rich bold greenery is a beautiful and unique twist to the ever popular “rustic” trend. Adding some darker shades of purple along with some light gray tones really give this color combo a gorgeous dynamic that can be used during any season. Add some silver to the mix for a more glam look.

2. Mauve and Navy 

Both of these colors are popular wedding colors that look great on almost every skin tone but are rarely put together. But why not! The mauve is a soft and romantic look on the women with a ton of floral options while the navy looks dapper and classic on any man. This is yet another scheme that would be appropriate for any season. For an even softer, feminine look, try some lace details with some peonies if they are in season.

3. Grey and Blush

This will be a popular theme this year and will probably be replacing the long-running rustic trend of the earlier 2000s. This is a great color combo because again it really works for both the men and the women. Traditions have pigeon-held the groom into wearing the basic black tux (or white if he so dared) but with these newer trends of navy, latte, and gray, the groom and his groomsmen really have a lot more options. This color combo is most appropriate in the spring and summer but with the right details, florals and decor could be appropriate for other seasons as well.

4. Burgundy, Burgundy, Burgundy!

If you are planning your wedding for the fall or winter, chances are you might already have burgundy in your theme. Burgundy and blush are the hottest trends this year and you will continually hear about both. Burgundy and blush together are stunning but you will also see burgundy and gray, sage, gold, dusty or steel blue even peach. Burgundy is to weddings what a pair of jeans is to an outfit; goes with almost anything. If this is your theme, have fun with it and try anything.