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3 Pretty Ways to Display Preserved Flowers and Dried Roses at Home

Few possessions are as important as the flowers you receive on a special day. Be it a wedding, a celebration of life, or another special occasion, you’ll cherish these priceless flowers forever. With this in mind, you may have wondered what to do with pressed flowers or other preserved floral arrangements.

Naturally, one way to make this prized possession even more special comes by way of showing them off at home. So, we have put together 3 incredibly pretty ways for you to display your preserved flowers and dried roses at home with timeless elegance and beauty, along with 3 ways to preserve your precious items in the first place.

3 Pretty Ways to Display Preserved Flowers at Home

Floral preservation

Belowe, we’re going to discuss three gorgeous methods for how to display preserved flowers in your home. These methods work if you want to display dried roses specifically, or really any other flower that preserves well over time.

Modern Pressed Floral Preservation

The delicate craft of flower pressing as a means of preservation goes back centuries. In the Victorian age, it was quite fashionable among ladies of the era to make use of pressed flowers for sending secret messages of their love interest and affection to their gentlemen. This noble art has evolved over the years, resulting in more recent drying techniques and color retention processes. Your pressed flowers will look like a beautiful painting that will last a lifetime and create memories for generations to come.

Flower Petal Monograms

Monogramswere once considered a mark of the aristocratic class, since they were initially used as royal signatures. Utilizing our exclusive and modern technique along with the straightforward elegance of our in-house designs, we’re able to craft unique, personalized flower petal monograms for every occasion. Whether you’re changing your initials after a wedding, or cherishing those of a passed loved one, your artistic creation will be a constant reminder of love and treasured memories forever.

Freeze Dried Floral Preservation

Essentially, freeze drying involves making use of a vacuum chamber which slowly extracts moisture from your flowers in order to preserve them. Fresh flowers (which need to be in good condition) are flash frozen and stored in a freeze-drier, where they remain sealed for 10-15 days to preserve the flower’s original shape. Using special chemical enhancements, we are able retain the color of your flowers, while at the same minimizing any environmental damage. The finished product is a gift that will last for years to come.

How to Display Your Preserved Flowers at Home

Preserved flowers for jewelry

While there are many ways you could display your preserved flower creations at home, there are three we personally recommend.

Framed on the Wall

One stunning way to show off your preserved flowers is by framing them and hanging them on a wall. Not only will this allow you to display your cherished possession with others, but you’ll be able to see it at a glance whenever you need a little “pick me up” during the day.

Centerpiece on a Table

Centerpieces offer another distinguished way to display your preserved flowers artistically, especially with a flower in resin. As with the framed option, table centerpieces offer an immediate conversation starter with family and friends, and they accent the natural beauty in any room.

Accent Piece for Nightstand

For those wanting something a bit more intimate or personal, we recommend setting your pressed flower creation on your nightstand. This way, you’ll be able to keep the treasure for yourself, which is the perfect decision for many pieces. Plus, you’ll be able to see it each night as you go to bed, as a simple, yet elegant reminder of a precious moment of time in your life.

Gorgeous Flower Displays Made Just for You

Every one of these methods for displaying preserved flowers and pressed roses would look beautiful in any home. If you want help deciding on which display works best for your floral arrangement or pressed flowers, then we recommend getting in touch with us today. We would love to assist you in making your cherished memories last for a lifetime and look great at the same time.