Deposit To Start Floral Preservation

Ready to start preserving your flowers, but not quite sure exactly what you want yet? No problem! We can start preserving your flowers today with a deposit towards your eventual designs. 

Flower Petal Jewelry - $50

  • What's included: A few flower petals to be used in any of our flower petal jewelry

Resin Keepsakes - $100

  • What's included: A few blooms to be used in any of our resin keepsakes
  • Can also be used towards flower petal jewelry

Framed Pressed Flowers - $250

  • What's included: A full bouquet or arrangement to be used in our framed pressed flower designs
  • Can also be used towards some resin keepsakes and flower petal jewelry


Place a deposit on your Framed Pressed Flowers for your wedding in 2024 and receive a FREE Pyramid Ring Holder ($75 value) with your final delivery on orders over $500!

Your deposit can be used towards any of our floral preservation services including Framed Pressed Flowers, Flower Petal Jewelry, and Resin Keepsakes.

Offer valid through 12/31/2023. Deposits are non-refundable. Final order must be at least $500 to receive free gift.