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Wedding Bouquet or Memorial Keepsake

❋ Our Victorian Style flower pressed preservation pieces allow your flowers to become keepsakes and memories of your special day.
❋ Preserved flowers make a beautiful memorial or funeral keepsake. 
This is small 5 x 7 frame with your preserved flowers. Select a frame, mat and design orientation.
❋ This small delicate size is best suited for one flower with greenery or multiple small flowers.
❋ Flowers must be only 2-3 days old and in great condition in order to do this design.


❋ The preservation of your flowers

❋ Your flowers custom-designed and expertly framed

❋ Complete care instructions for the life of your design

❋ One-on-one consultation with one of our Design Professionals upon request

❋ Frames are sold separately and not included in the price of the design

❋ Our average turnaround time is 12-14 weeks from the time we receive your paid order. We will send you a tentative completion date as soon as we receive your materials. *The Tentative completion date is approximate. We reserve the right to extend this time beyond the "tentative completion date" as needed to provide you with a quality product.

❋ Your custom design we will ship to the address you provided. Shipping cost is included in the cost of the design. 


❋ All orders must be placed and payed in full at the same time using the same group of flowers (frames excluded). Multiple discounts do not apply to separate orders. 

❋ Each additional design after purchasing 4 is $95.00 each for one flower and $115.00 each for multiple flowers.Frames not included. Please contact us for any additional purchases of five or more at (803) 779-6186.

SIZE: 5 x 7

MAT: Choose from five different color designs at check out. 

FRAME: Choose between contemporary pewter, ornate white washed or traditional silver.

DESIGN: Choose horizontal or vertical design.

FLOWER DESIGN: Choose from two styles. One flower with baby's breath and greenery or multiple flowers with greenery and fillers.

HOW TO SHIP YOUR FLOWERS TO US: We need just a few whole flowers for this size. For best results send an assortment of flower colors, sizes and fillers. Place your flowers in a box with gift wrap tissue crumbled up on the bottom. Add more gift wrap tissue in between flowers to stabilize them. In your box place the Mailing Enclosure Form and seal. Do not use any plastics in packing. Keep all cold packs or ice away from flower petals. Your fresh flowers should be mailed overnight to the address on the enclosure form. We cannot be responsible for damages incurred during transit. We do not return any left over petals.

SHIPPING COST & TERMS: Your custom design selections will be shipped to the addressyou specify during the Shipping Process. Shipping cost is included in the price of the design.