Pyramid Resin Ring Holder

Please allow 6-8 weeks for production of this item

Embrace the magic of your special moments with our custom-made flower petal ring holder, exquisitely handcrafted with YOUR flower petals. Each time you glance at this unique piece or store your rings, it stirs precious memories, making your cherished occasions tangible.

This piece measures approximately 3.25" by 1.25" inches.
The final appearance and color of your preserved flowers will closely mirror their original look, but they can vary based on the condition and age of the flowers when we receive them. Please be aware that some flowers might change color during the drying process. This could result in a speckled and translucent appearance, a natural consequence of embedding petals in wet resin. The resin might also contain minor air bubbles and small holes, typical occurrences in resin craftsmanship.
For this item, we need 4-5 very small whole blooms or 9-10 assorted petals and stems. If large flowers don't fit, we may use individual petals. We preserve your petals for up to 4 weeks in case of re-orders. Please note that we do not return any flowers.