Deposit to start your Flower Petal Preservation

Start the preservation of your treasured blooms with this $200 deposit (non-refundable). This deposit allows us to begin the meticulous process of freeze-drying your flowers, capturing their beauty in a timeless form. Note that this deposit is exclusive to our keepsakes and jewelry services, and does not apply to our pressed design preservation service. Please see Custom Framed Pressed Flowers for pricing details.

The amount ($200) will be credited towards your final order. For this deposit, no shipping option needs to be chosen at checkout. Remember to include a Mailing Enclosure Form with your flower petals. If printing the form isn’t possible, kindly provide your order number and contact details with your materials.

For guidance on shipping your flowers, Click Here.

Frequently Asked Questions? Click Here.

For placing your final order, simply do so online. Connect with us via chat or email to get a code that will deduct your $200 deposit from the final order amount.

Important Details:

* ORDER FINALIZATION: We request that you finalize your design selections within 2 weeks from the date we receive your flowers.

* ABANDONMENT: If your order isn't finalized or a payment plan isn't established within two weeks, your flowers will be considered abandoned. Flowers Forever reserves the right to dispose of the flowers after this period without prior notice.

* COMPLETION: We take immense pride in handling and designing your flowers, which is why we operate on a first come-first served basis, limiting the number of designs we complete each month. Please note that the completion date is approximate and we may extend this time as needed to deliver a quality product to you.

* FLOWERS: Please be informed that we cannot return any leftover or extra flowers. We keep your flowers up to 4 weeks after your order has been shipped for any potential re-orders. We do not return any flowers.

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