Leather & Barrel Bead Bracelet - Resin

Immerse yourself in the warmth of treasured memories with our personalized bracelet, thoughtfully crafted using your selected flowers sealed within a clear resin bead. Threading this distinctive bead onto a robust, braided leather cord lends it a compelling aesthetic. The bracelet is securely fastened with a sterling silver clasp. Carry your past into the future with this tasteful piece of jewelry, serving as a daily reminder of treasured memories.

The handmade bead is approximately 30mm x 14mm with a 5mm grommet. The bead is threaded onto a robust, braided leather cord, secured with a sterling silver clasp.
The color of your bead will mirror those of your chosen flower petals, creating a vibrant or subtle color palette based on your personal selection. Please note, the appearance and color of your flowers preserved in resin will depend on their age and condition upon arrival. We immediately dry your flowers upon receipt.
This piece requires 8 to 10 petals to create. We can use your fresh or dried petals. For smaller flowers, please provide a few extra blooms. We store unused petals for up to 4 weeks for any re-orders and do not return any flowers.