Love Knot Earrings - Memorial

Bind your memories with a never forgetting knot. This earring set features a handcrafted polymer clay bead infused with cremation ashes, flower petals, hair, etc. suspended from a sterling silver interwoven love knot. These earrings are part of The Love Knot Collection.

Earring Dimension: 38mm
Bead Dimension: 10mm
The color of the bead will depend on the color of the flower petals, color(s) of polymer clay you select and material you send. We can create a single-color bead or design a blend of up to 3 colors.
These earrings can include:
  • Cremation Ashes - about 1/2 teaspoon or so of ashes. The finer ashes are best for the jewelry.
  • Flower Petals: 5-6 petals. We keep your petals for 4 weeks for any re-orders. We do not return any flowers.
  • Hair - about 1 teaspoon or so of hair.
  • For any other material, please get in touch with us.

Getting Started & How It Works

1. Design Your Piece & Complete Your Purchase

2. Mail Us Your Flowers (Click Here To Learn How)

3. We Preserve Your Flowers & Create Your Piece