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Resin Bouquet Charm

Celebrate cherished moments or honor a loved one with our handmade resin bead. It will encapsulates a piece of your personal history. You can add it to a bouquet holder to carry the memory of a loved one during your wedding, attach it to your key chain for a daily reminder, or even incorporate it into a charm bracelet. Each option allows you to carry a special memory or connection close to you.

The sterling silver lobster clasp is 12mm. Choose from 12mm or 16mm bead size for your charm.
The color of your bead is a reflection of the hue of your chosen flower petals and any other material you select to add to your bead. Please be aware that some flowers might change color during the drying process.
This piece requires 4 to 5 petals to create. We can use your fresh or dried petals. For smaller flowers, please provide a few extra blooms. We store unused petals for up to 4 weeks for any re-orders and do not return any flowers. Along with flower petals, we can incorporate hair, fur, or ashes into the charm. For ashes, we require 1/2 teaspoon. Any unused ashes will be returned with your completed order.

Getting Started & How It Works

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3. We Preserve Your Flowers & Create Your Piece